Introducing Weekly Romhack Races!

What is it?

People will sign up to make romhack levels for a (at first) once weekly community event. The levels will be released on a specific date for anyone interested to play, stream, and race. All levels must be tested by a group of playtesters ahead of time. The discord will also serve as a resource to ask questions and learn how to make romhacks.

Why do it?

The romhack community is as big as ever, but has no centralized community events. So first and foremost, this is just an excuse to have fun making and playing romhacks. Beyond that, many people are interested in learning how to make romhacks, but designing your own from scratch can be very intimidating. This lets people start out by making their first level, and get lots of feedback on the level from veterans in the community. Finally, while this will initially start with just SMW romhacks, the plan is to expand it to all sorts other games (SMB3 and yoshi's island, among others), to get more people playing, making, talking about, and streaming romhacks in general.

Another aspect of this is to try to get programmers interested in improving romhacking tools for lesser known games. I love Yoshi's Island, but the romhack tools are difficult to use.


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