How do I sign up for a race?
You can sign up here: Race Signups

You have to enter your name again every week.

Your stream will be restreamed on

Because of that there are some rules for your stream:

     Use our custom layout:

     No mic, webcam (within the visible stream area), or alerts (only in-game sound)

     Follow the race rules (no savestates, slowdown, cheat codes, opening in Lunar Magic, turbo buttons, or cheating in general)

How do I sign up as a level creator?
You can sign up here:
How do I see which level creators are coming up?
There is a calendar you can find here, detailing the creators for upcoming race weeks: Romhack Races Weekly Races Calendar.
You may also find the calendar in ICS form here..
See #upcoming-creators in the Romhack Races Discord server for more details.
How do I sign up to help out with streaming, hosting, testing, etc?
You can fill out applications for each position as below:

    Scout Application
    Restreamer Application
    Playtester Application
    Host Application
How do I know when my level gets playtested?
If you think your level is finished and ready you can enter your name here:

One week before the race with your level starts, your level will be tested by the playtesters.
How do I create levels?
To create an SMW level you will need Lunar Magic, which is a tool found on

This site explains a lot about romhacking and how to create good levels.

Make sure to check if the answers to your questions are there before asking anywhere else.

If you want to create a level specifically for the race, you should use the baserom which you can find on GitHub:
How do I play the weekly levels?
The file that's posted is a .bps file.

You have to apply this file to your original SMW rom.

You can do that with this program:

     Click "Apply Patch"
     Choose the .bps file
     Choose your original SMW rom
     Save the new rom.

The new rom is now ready and you can play it with an emulator or on console.

Recommended emulators include:

     Snes9x 1.53 or newer (Newest version is preferred. Activate "Less Input Delay" option for better emulation).

ZSNES is not recommended as it is inaccurate, doesn't play all romhacks, and has vulnerabilities which allow potentially malicious ROMs to run code on your computer that can result in cybertheft or loss of personal data.
Where can I find an original SMW ROM?
For legal reasons, we can't provide you with one, nor point you to a website that distributes them. Sorry.
Where can I find romhacks?
Which romhacks should I play if I'm just starting out?
First off, if you haven't, play the vanilla Super Mario World game.

If you have already played it try some of the easy/normal/hard hacks on SMWCentral.

Check BeeKaay's spreadsheet in #resources on Discord if you want a list of good ones.

If you want to try out kaizo hacks, check out the spreadsheets (osumariokartman, glitchcat7, beekaay, and atari2.0) in the #resources channel on Discord.

We recommend playing the romhack "Learn 2 Kaizo" before you start with kaizo hacks because it teaches you the basics you will need for kaizo hacks. For every other hack, check SMWcentral.
What do all the roles on the server mean?
Mega Bleb: Admin - They maintain the server.

Bleb: Mod - They ensure order on the server.

SMW Tester: Playtester for SMW levels.

Music Porter: Helps you to port music to your level (make sure to be reasonable with requests).

ASM Guru: Willing to help with ASM related things. (make sure to be reasonable with requests).

Level Designer: The person responsible for creating the race level(s) for the current week.
I have a question not listed here.
If the question is not in the FAQ it could mean 1 of 3 things:

     The question is not common and/or doesn't have an easy answer.
If you really need to, find the channel you think suits best your question and ask away.
Hopefully soon a mod or someone that has the answer will respond. However, do not spam channels with questions.

     The question doesn't regard SMW kaizo hacks and/or races and you can find your answer elsewhere (most likely on Google).
So the general rule of thumb is to always try to see if you can find the answer on Google before using discord, remember: Google is your friend.

     We simply didn't think of it. Oops.