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Mario Wants His Lemonade
by Gamma V

Shells are Still Awesome
by CarlSagan42

Super Mario Arcade
by zacmario

Monty Mole Island 2 - Any%
by Green Jerry

Yoshi's Titanic Ass
by CarlSagan42


Yoshi's Island - Drivin' Me Super Batty
by CarlSagan42

Nachos and Fried Oreos - Tower of Babel Only
by MiracleWater and GbreezeSunset

Jabem Select - The Big Lie
by Arobam

Cinnamon Hills - Any%
by AlanJacobs

YI Race? My Heart Flutters
by CarlSagan42

Krack The Hack - Race to Credits
by Daizo Dee Von, Mellonpizza